General English Courses

Available:  April to August
Hours:  23 Hours a Week
+ Sightseeing Programme
Length: 1 Week - 6 Months

Our intensive general English courses are available with homestay and weekend sightseeing trips.  Book now for courses in 2022.
UK Residents:  English classes for people living in the North East

Available: All year round     Hours: 1 - 5 hours a week      Location: Durham Miners' Hall, Flass Street, Durham City, UK

These lessons are ideal for people who live in the North East and need their English lessons to fit around work or childcare.  Choose between a private one-to-one lesson or an ESOL group class. 
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General English Courses

Available:  All year round
Hours:  15  Hours a Week
Length: 1 Week - 11 Months

These classes are taught on weekday mornings throughout the year. Supplement your classes with a fully supported self-study programme or use your afternoons to explore our amazing region.
1-1 Lessons
1 -5 hours week
1-1 Lessons
1 -5 hours week
General English
1-1 Lessons
1 -5 hours week
Group Classes
2  hours week

We'll give you chances to use your English outside the classroom

Teaching English classes is only part of what we do.  As an English school in the UK, we believe that it is important  to find opportunities for you to use your English outside the classroom. We do this by providing:

  Great homestay families 

  A sightseeing programme that allows you to use your English

  Talking Towns: a network of independent shops and businesses whose owners will give you an insight into life in Durham

Our School

Most of our classes are taught at the beautiful  Miners' Hall in Durham.  The hall is a five-minute walk from the city's shops and public transport connections.
throughout  -  during the whole period of time sightseeing  -   travelling around an area to see the interesting things
intensive  -  a lot of teaching in a short time
effective  -  something that works well and produces the result that was intended
social programme  -  activities that allow you to mix with other people supplement  -  to add something extra in order to improve something
available  -  able to be obtained, taken, or used support  - to provide help
opportunity  -  a chance to do something, or a situation in which it is easy for you to do something provide  -   to give someone something that they want or need
independent shop - a family run shop that is not controlled by a large company public transport  -  buses, trains etc that everyone can use
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If you would like more information about our intensive and semi-intensive courses, please feel free to order one of our brochures or have an online tour of the school.
IELTS Courses

Available:  All year round
Hours:  25  Hours a Week
Length: 1 Week - 11 Months

A full-time IELTS course that combines general English study with exam preparation. 
Innovative English Language Teaching
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